Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Release Date!!!!

Yes. Yes we finally have a release date for Becoming More!

Let me share some really happy news with you.

1. My very good friend, Heather (From Love N. Books book blog), is throwing me a Release Day Party! I will post the link to the event once we have it up and running! There will tons of giveaways- Signed Books (from so many fantastic authors. I'm actually really jealous of all the winners haha), ebooks, and swag! Should be a fun day, definitely.

2. My Release Date is.....

Are you all jumping up and down? Because I am. I'm relieved to finally have a day set! I was really hoping to have it out by the end of July but my husband and I decided to search for our very first house together! That took up majority of our time and was exhausting. But we did find a house! We are in the process of purchasing it! So now I have time to do all the revising that was on the back-burner when we were doing the house hunting thing! So YAY. I'm so dang happy.

That is all ;)